Jayde's Book Review

Children’s Natural Hair Care: Love thy Self

By: D. Lovelitt

Stand in front of the mirror. Stare lovingly at yourself. Feel the soft curls and coils on top of your head. Focus your mind, on how beautiful they are. Allow your thoughts to drift back to when you were a child and how you thought of your natural hair. Where those thoughts as positive as they are now? 

For some, those thoughts during childhood were not positive at all.  Being teased and ridiculed for being you was devastating. Luckily, children of today have some help on their self-love journey.  With the help of books like, “Amina Arnae and Her Poofy Hair”, children are able to see themselves and their natural hair as beautiful.  

Now available, this book provides healthy hair appreciation and education for today’s youth. 

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Windsor Hall

302 Briarcliff Circle

Savannah, GA 31419


2019 Ujamaa Book Festival


Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel

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Soulful Chicago Children's Book Fair


Butler College Prep 

821 E. 103rd Street

Chicago, IL 60628


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I really like this story, it has a relatable storyline and it actually contains precious hair care tips which I wasn’t expecting! Perfect for me as a mother to a new baby girl! The main character, Amina Arnae starts off having negative feelings about her hair and those around her only make things worse with their highly inappropriate comments 😒That’s when she sets off on a mission to “fix” her problematic hair and to her delight with the help of her aunt she learns helpful tips on how to keep healthy, gorgeous hair! Priceless! Also featured in this book is a mini letter from the author, with a word on how to instill self love in our children and a complete #washday routine! I honestly learned a thing or two from this book and you might too! Thanks @d.lovelitt


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